The 5 Things you Must Do to be a Great Leader

The 5 Things you Must Do to be a Great Leader

In a recent radio interview, John Lowe of Be Compelling Now asked me:

What makes a good leader?” 

First, I think it’s important to understand that EVERYONE has the opportunity to lead, regardless of position or profession.

Everyone is engaged in multiple networks – You interact with your peers, subordinates, and management where you work, you interact with your family, your friends, your church – sometimes you’re required or called on to provide leadership; sometimes you might not even know your leading, but people are seeing you as leading.

But let’s focus on the business related aspects … (3:11 min)


The 5 things you must do to be a great leader!

  Do you recognize your opportunities to lead?

  And if so, what have you focused on to enable your success?


  Let me know what you think the keys to great leadership are…